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About Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country. Russia is situated in eastern Europe and northern Asia. Moscow is the capital of Russia. The distance between Moscow and Delhi is 4,326 Km and it takes about 6 hours on a direct flight.
Russia has a cold climate. Due to its large area temperature varies from area to area. But if we talk about record high and low then it is 45.4 °C and −71.2 °C respectively.
Russia has a literacy rate of 95%. This is due to policies made by the government to promote graduation level of education for everyone. Free education is part of the constitution of Russia.

Why choose MBBS in Russia?

MBBS in Russia becomes an easy pathway for Indian students to achieve their dream of becoming a doctor. No entrance exam to study MBBS in Russia. Cost of studying MBBS in Russia is low due to government policies of Russia as they subsidise education fees. MBBS in Russia is recognised by various medical institutions around the world. This allows students with an opportunity to practise as a doctor in various parts of the world. Students who study MBBS in Russia get a quality education and good infrastructure. Indian students are provided with all the facilities in the hostel so that students can concentrate on their studies.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Russia

  • Low fee structure.
  • No Donation.
  • No entrance exam.
  • Best Infrastructure and quality education.
  • Low cost of Living.
  • MBBS in Russia is approved by Medical Council of India.
  • Indian food is available.
  • Study MBBS in Russia in government universities.
  • Students working in leading hospitals in India after studying MBBS in Russia.
  • Easy admission process through Singla Consultancy to study MBBS in Russia.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia

  • There are only 12 universities out of 57 which teach MBBS in the English language in Russia.
  • Local people do not speak English.
  • Harsh climate conditions for Indian students with very low temperature.
  • Most of the medical universities in Russia are in very remote areas.

Eligibility for MBBS in Russia in 2019

  • The student should complete 17 years of age by 31st December 2019 to apply for MBBS in Russia.
  • The student from the unreserved category should get 50% in PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).
  • The student from the reserved category should get 40% in PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).
  • The student should not be more than 25 years of age to apply for MBBS in Russia.

Universities for Indian students to study MBBS in Russia 2019

Kazan Federal University, Russia

Saint Petersburg University, Russia

Mari State University, Russia

Tver State Medical University, Russia

Orenburg State Medical University, Russia

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

MBBS in Russia Fees Structure 2019

MBBS FEES Kazan Federal University 2019

Tuition Fees Hostel Fees Mess Fees
5800 US $ 150 US $ 1300 US $
Tuition Fees  Hostel Fees Mess Fees
4800 US $ 600 US $ 1000 US $
Tuition Fees  Hostel Fees Mess Fees
3500 US $ 500 US $ 1200 US $
Tuition Fees  Hostel Fees Mess Fees
7000 US $ 500 US $ 1200 US $
Tuition Fees  Hostel Fees Mess Fees
4000 US $ 300 US $ 1200 US $
Tuition Fees  Hostel Fees Mess Fees
3500 US $ 200 US $ 1200 US $

MBBS FEES Saint Petersburg University 2019
MBBS FEES Mari State University 2019
MBBS FEES Tver State Medical University 2019
MBBS FEES Orenburg State Medical University 2019

MBBS FEES Bashkir State Medical University 2019

How to choose the best university for MBBS in Russia?

  • Choose only the government university to study MBBS in Russia.
  • Many medical universities in Russia teach MBBS in Bilingual course, Be aware and only choose the program with full English language only.
  • Check the distance between hostel and university.
  • Check availability of Indian food.
  • University should be approved by MCI.

Comparison of MBBS in Russia with other Countries

CountryBudgetDurationLanguageDegree Grade
Ukraine25-30 lakhs6 yearsEnglish onlyA
Russia28-32 lakhs6 yearsEnglish and BilingualB
China15-45 lakhs5 yearsEnglish and BilingualB
The Philippines15-30 lakhs5 yearsEnglish onlyA
Kyrgyzstan12-18 lakhs5 yearsEnglish onlyB
Georgia12-25 lakhs5 yearsEnglish onlyD

Number of Indian students going to different countries for MBBS abroad

Pass percentage of MCI exam by Indian students

  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • China
  • The Philippines
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Georgia
The Philippines


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